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Today the efforts of the Inspire Reading Club came to fruition when they gave pajamas and nurturing books to kids in need.  The club has been collecting articles of clothing and books for   The Westchester County based organization collects pajamas and nurturing books for children in need, especially at this cold time of year.  Club President Jena Lynne DiFrisco says she feels that reading is important starting at a young age and she wants to make sure that all children have the similar opportunities that she had growing up.  Another book drive is planned for later this school year and they plan on visiting some of the children in need to read and spend quality time with them.

  • “For so many needy and abused children, winter means endless cold and scary nights,” explains Pajama Program founder Genevieve Piturro. “The winter season is a particularly critical time when these children are most vulnerable to serious colds and illnesses. Warm, clean pajamas help to protect them against night chills and harmful conditions. Emotionally pajamas are a hug for children who feel lost and alone.”
  • The books the children read at bedtime go a long way in improving their reading level as well. Most have been removed from school for long periods of time and do not have access to books and their grade reading level is far lower than their peers.