Thinking about an Apple iPad for Christmas?

iPad photo taken by Jacob Bergmeier and made by Apple

Apple iPads are increasingly finding their way into American homes… and the classroom.  A few educators have an iPad at Kennedy Catholic and they swear by them.  Oprah Winfrey went as far in 2010 as to call the iPad her favorite thing… EVER!  You can read about that here.

iPad photo taken by Jacob Bergmeier and made by Apple

Of course games are a hot selling point for the younger generation.  From classic arcade games like PacMan to the newer big name games like EA Sports – Madden 2011 and the chart topping ‘Angry Birds‘.  There are production applications that can be used in education like Keynote, Pages, and Numbers (those are Apple’s version of Office)

But the iPad has other uses:

For education: there are flashcard applications, graphing calculators, physics formulas, history references, the bible… and many more!

For current news: you can read the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Fox Buisnesss, Time,

For pleasure there is a fantastic application called FLIPBOARD that turns your Facebook and Twitter accounts (along with many other websites) into a digital interactive magazine