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  • 2.16.2012 (6 a.m. EST) – Arrived to find Rome sunny at a brisk 32 degrees.  Snow in the Eternal City is a curious sight.  After a prayful stop in St. Peters, I will concelebrate Mass with Cardinal Designate Dolan in the basilica of St. Mary Major later this afternoon.  I have met many clergy and religious from New York already who have come here to share in the celebration with their archbishop.  Everyone is looking forward to the consistory events of this weekend.
  • 2.16.2012 (1:37 p.m. EST) – The Mass with Archbishop Dolan at St. Mary Major was truly an uplifting event.  Along with 70 priests and 5 bishops who con-celebrated were hundreds of pilgrims who traveled to Rome to be with Cardinal Elect Dolan on this happy occasion.  During the Mass, the Archbishop reminded the faithful that they were in the oldest church in Christendom dedicated to Mary the Mother of God.   He said that this pilgrimage was all about “Faith, family and friends” and that without a mother there is no family, and that devotion to the Mother of God was the surest way to build up the family of faith.  The enthusiasm of Archbishop Dolan has resonated strongly with everyone, and promises to make this a great experience for everyone.
  • 2.17.2012 (3:04 p.m. EST) – Today was another day in Rome filled with brilliant sunshine, crowned by a beautiful Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica. Today’s Mass was the third of four said for the pilgrims in the major bascilicas of Rome.  The fourth will be on Monday at St. Paul’s. The enthusiasm continues to remain high among everyone and the Mass in St. Peter’s was a great experience of the faith. Tomorrow promises to be a busy day, starting with the consistory itself which will elevate Archbishop Dolan to the rank of Cardinal, followed by a reception at the North American College and a private tour of the Sistine Chapel.
  • 2.17.2012 (11:30 p.m. EST)  Images from Father in Rome.      

Father Vaillancourt congratulating Cardinal O’Brien (Saint Mary’s Class of `57)

  • 2.19.2012 (6:53 a.m. EST)The past day and a half have been busy, filled up with events that make up the heart of the consistory. Yesterday morning was the ceremony where Archbishops Dolan and O’Brian were created cardinals of the Church of Rome, symbolized by the bestowal of the hat and the ring.   A reception at the North American College for the two former rectors of the college followed.  This morning was the pontifical Mass of thanksgiving, concelebrated by the new cardinals with Pope Benedict.  It was a particular honor for me to accompany Cardinal Dolan into the bascilca for Mass, and to assist in the distribution of Holy Communion.  The spirits of all who traveled with Cardinal Dolan for the event remain high, due in no small part to the joy radiating from the Cardinal himself.
  • 2.20.2012 (10:57 a.m. EST) Father Vaillancourt with Cardinal Dolan
  • 2.20.2012 (6:38 p.m. EST)The consistory pilgrimage to the beautiful city of Rome is at a close following the final Mass at St. Paul’s Bascilica, and the rain on the last day dampened the spirits of none.  Whether it was a cheer for the Holy Father or a newly created cardinal, everyone seemed to have the same joyous spirit throughout the pilgrimage.  And that was what impressed me the most — the enthusiasm of everyone involved.  Rome is probably the only place on earth where Christianity’s past and present come together in an almost perfect harmony.  And whether on a city street or in a church, joy seems to be the common quality that connects them both.  This is what I saw in Rome this week, this was what I myself experienced, and why I am glad that I was a part of it.
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