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Guidance Trip to Philadelphia

As part of its regular offerings, each year the Kennedy Catholic Guidance Department takes students to a different city and visits the surrounding colleges.  This March, the Gaels were in Philadelphia, City of Brotherly Love and home of the Philly Cheese Steak.

Over three days and two nights, students took in the sights and sounds of six area colleges and universities: Drexel University, Rutgers University, St. Joseph’s University, Temple University, University of Pennsylvania and Villanova University.  For Kennedy’s Guidance Department, the point is to show students the different options available to them.  For sophomore Yaroslav Jakymec, it gave him a few new ones.

Jakymec said that while he signed up to get a jump start on the college process and was interested in UPenn, he left particularly impressed with Drexel’s pre-med program, as well as its new buildings and facilities.  Rutgers and St. Joe’s will also be getting a second look now, he said, following the Guidance trip.  Even the city itself got a passing grade from the sophomore, who was initially uncertain that Philly was the place he wanted to spend four years of his life.

“It’s really opened my eyes to the other options that I have,” Jakymec said.

Junior Shannon Donohue, who wasn’t interested in any Philadelphia-area schools heading into the weekend, told of a similar conversion.  Although she signed up for comparative analysis, Donohue came back with St. Joseph’s, Villanova and the University of Pennsylvania on her list.  She particularly liked the dichotomy of UPenn, which offers a campus feel in a city setting.  For Donohue, the Guidance trip helped her more clearly define the qualities she is looking for in a school.

“I would definitely recommend it to anyone who hasn’t already committed to a school,” Donohue said, noting that seeing schools you don’t like is equally helpful.  “You’ll definitely get something out of it.”



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