Homecoming Message from Student Government


Dear Fellow Kennedy Students and Parents,

It is with great enthusiasm that we at Kennedy Catholic High School anticipate this weekend’s HOMECOMING football game and festivities!

Our Family Association and Advancement Office have invited many alumni to come home to renew and celebrate their varied relationships with classmates, faculty, and staff.  In addition to familiar faces, we welcome new students and families to share in our hallowed traditions and Kennedy Catholic pride!

The weekend weather is set to be an exemplary autumn day, and we fully expect that all current and past students who participate will do so in a wholesome and good-spirited manner.

In keeping with this expectation, we simply want to remind you of our shared responsibility in hosting and enjoying these wonderful events, which will include Friday’s Homeroom Olympics, games all weekend, and Saturday evening’s dance.  As stated in our Student Handbook:  “Any person exhibiting behavior, conduct, or personal or physical characteristics of having used or consumed alcohol or another illegal substance, shall be prohibited from entering school premises or attending school sponsored events.”  Similarly, “Use, possession, sale, or distribution of such substances will be responded to in a deliberate fashion up to and including the possibility of expulsion and referral to the police.”

It is our expectation that there will be no conduct-related issues of any kind, allowing for ALL to celebrate the event in a safe, respectable, and thoroughly enjoyable manner.

We hope to see you there!

Very Truly Yours,
Brendan Clair ’13
Gabrielle D’Amato ’13
John Davin ’13
Shannon Donohue ’13
Ryan Empson ’13
Shayna Gaskins ’13
Kennedy Catholic Student Government



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