National Honor Society Application

Eligibility for National Honor Society

Juniors and seniors with a cumulative Grade Point Average of 93.0 or higher are eligible to seek membership in Kennedy Catholic’s chapter of the National Honor Society. A list of students eligible to seek membership is posted on the glass wall at the Main Office.

Students with the necessary Grade Point Average are considered for membership by a council of Kennedy faculty members. Students are evaluated on the basis of the National Honor Society’s criteria of service, leadership and character (in addition to the scholarship which is evidenced by having the requisite Grade Point Average).

Eligible students who are seeking membership are required to submit six stapled copies of the Information Packet which follows, together with one copy of the accompanying Cover Sheet, to Mr. Zawiski by October 19, 2012.

Please see or contact Mr. Zawiski if you have any questions.


Download the form here



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