Family Association to offer Pre- Injury Concussion Screening


The Family Association has partnered with Albert Galotti, the owner of YORKTOWN PHYSICAL THERAPY and is pleased to offer the opportunity for pre-injury concussion screening to the students of Kennedy Catholic.  The screening involves a balance test that is administered in his Yorktown office and a follow-up online test taken at home. The purpose of the screening is to establish and store a baseline of cognitive function. In the event your child sustains a suspected concussion the information is helpful in a concussion management program. You will find additional information in the attachments.

The cost for the test is $10.00. Mr. Galotti has offered to work with our teams and students on Saturdays and during the evenings. Please speak with your coaches as each sports team will handle the scheduling of the testing. Any families who are not linked to a sports team and would like to participate should submit their name to the school nurse and arrangements will be made.



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