#SnowDayProblems with Solutions

Our apology to our students, who have been making a good-faith effort to complete today’s assignments.  Some of you have Tweeted in some issues, so here are the latest explanations and some troubleshooting alternatives:

  • A recent theme update to our site has inadvertently changed some links, such as Blackboard.  This is the correct link.
    • We suggest bookmarking this link so that it is always available among your Favorites.
  • For issues with SafeAssignment submissions, we have Dataware on the case.  Until a final solution is realized, we recommend the following workarounds:
    • The easiest solution might be to visit Blackboard on a desktop or laptop; download the necessary files and open with Adobe Reader or Adobe Pro.  Adobe Reader XI is a free download, and you should be able to annotate the assignment using the “Add Text” tool.
    • If you are having trouble downloading a file from Blackboard, particularly a PDF, try take a screen capture of the worksheet and importing that into Notability
    • If you are having trouble with Notability, try opening the file with another app, such as Pages.
  • If all else fails, remember that e-mail is still functional.  The key is to be in communication with your teachers.  At the very least, they will know you are making a good-faith effort.
    • So if you can complete the assignment, but not submit it, e-mail it to the appropriate teacher.
    • If you are having trouble downloading, e-mail your teacher for a copy of the assignment.

Thank you for your patience and efforts today.  Please consider it a good life lesson.  Things don’t always work the way they’re supposed to.  Truly successful people are the ones who figure out how to work around obstacles, rather than try and muscle through them.

Best of luck, keep up the good work, and please stay safe.



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