Bionic Gaels end season as Connect Finalist at Super-Regional

The Bionic Gaels ended an amazing season by becoming a Connect Award Finalist at FTCEastSR, which placed them among the top three Connect Award teams out of the 815 teams from the 12 states and District of Columbia that are part of the super-region!

Here’s the list of their accomplishments for the 2013-2014 FTC Block Party! season:

Connect Award
NJ Robo-CATastrophe III Qualifier

Connect Award Finalist
NY Ice^3 “Cubed” Suffern Qualifier

Second Alliance Captain
CT Greenwich Qualifier

Third Place Inspire Award
NY Hudson Valley Championship

Winning Alliance Second Pick
CT Championship

Connect Award Finalist
FTC East Super-Regional Championship

These achievements were the result of their hard work during the entire season. Since the Block Party! kick-off back on Sept. 7, they met 70 times for a total of 346 hours, with a total of 3,079 team-member hours. These meetings included brainstorming, strategy, design, CAD, prototyping, builds, practices, workshops, scrimmages, outreach events (club day, open houses, FLL championship, Engineering Expo), judging prep, hosting a qualifier, and competing in qualifiers and championships.



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