Presidential Primary Comes to Kennedy: by Katie Kennon ‘17


The “Candidates” of the Republican Party

On Thursday, April 28th, the Young Republicans Club and the Debate Club teamed up to host a mock GOP presidential candidate debate. Kenny Brown acted as Ted Cruz, Ostap Pryjdun stood as Donald Trump and Daniel Dudek posed as John Kasich. Members of the KCHS Young Republicans Club acted as moderators and asked the “candidates” tough questions about their positions on key issues such as abortion, jobs, and homeland security. The “candidates” answered the questions as the real candidates would, with the school community as their audience.


The moderators look on as the “candidates” express their views

The real candidates have not debated in over a month. With the lacking of a major media debate, Kennedy’s debate served to keep our community knowledgeable and enabled our students to get more involved in the election process. Seeing our classmates act as politicians also made the debate more interesting. Students were able to watch the debate live, during homeroom in the auditorium. Then, the following day, students casted their primary votes via the iPad app, ExamSoft.

The current three Republican candidates have attracted all types of voters. Many voters are newly converted Republicans, since this primary consists of candidates that are very different from those in past presidential elections. For instance, Donald Trump has been a business man all his life whereas Ted Cruz is a “Tea Party” favorite. Due to this sharp difference in candidates, the students were excited to see which candidate’s views they aligned with.

“to increase students’ awareness of the issues that matter in our lives…”


Mr. Santini thanks the members of the mock debate

The goal of hosting the debate, as stated by Mr. Santini, the moderator of the Young Republicans Club, was “to increase students’ awareness of the issues that matter in our lives, and to show students the importance of being involved and acting as responsible citizens. How the USA uses our military, for example, will affect how our students will be called upon in the future to fight against evils such as ISIS. Also, how the country feels about abortion for example, could result in changes in law that are more in line with what Catholics believe. Students need to know that because as they get older, these issues will affect them more directly. They are being discussed in the Presidential debates now, and it is a good time for students to hear about them.


The video was live-streamed into the classrooms and is available on our YouTube channel.

Mr. Santini along with Mrs McGown, who is the moderator for the Debate Club, has shared that the Young Republicans Club and Debate Club plan to have another mock debate in the fall, featuring both the Republican candidate as well as the Democratic candidate. After that, a school-wide mock Presidential election will offer students a chance to vote for the same candidates that all of America will vote for on November 8th. These debates are sure to prompt students to become more involved in politics in the future.


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