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A Love That You Just Know: By Zaria Bailey ’18

A faithful love of two teachers bound by the love of their greatest teacher.

Everyone knows the two Kennedy Catholic newlyweds, Mr. and Mrs. Genn, but most people don’t know the whole story. It began long before the Genn’s became a part of the Kennedy family. Their relationship started at a mutual friend’s wedding; Mr. Genn was the groomsmen who walked Mrs. Genn , one of the bridesmaids, down the aisle that day. As that night went on, they started talking and finally found themselves making a real connection. Unlike most first dates, theirs was to another wedding. Mrs. Genn invited him to her brother’s wedding; from then on, they were inseparable. On June 6, 2015, they attended yet another wedding, only something special happened. Mr. Genn took Mrs. Genn outside in front of a statue of Mary and said, “Since we do weddings so well, why don’t we have one of our own?” She said yes! Both of their families were ecstatic that they were engaged.

Until the day of the wedding it was a whirlwind of choosing flowers, creating place cards and picking out bridesmaids dresses. Mrs. Genn’s sister-in-law helped her with all of the wedding plans. On the day of the wedding, both the bride and the groom were nervous and excited to take this monumental step towards their future together. When Mrs. Genn made her big entrance, everyone turned to look at her, but all she could see was her soon to be husband waiting for her at the altar. She described it as a “surreal experience.” In that moment they both realized what was happening, and they couldn’t wait for their future to begin.

The reception was memorable, as the newlyweds were surrounded by family and friends who were excited to celebrate the wedding. Mrs. Genn’s favorite part of the reception was towards the end, when they participated in the Polish tradition of the bridal dance. This tradition encourages anyone who wants to dance to pay the bride two dollars, which goes towards the couple’s honeymoon. After all the dances are over, the dancers form a circle around the bride, and the groom must break through the crowd and carry off his bride.

After the wedding, they honeymooned in a beautiful cabin in the Adirondacks and in another cabin on a lake in New Hampshire. They also visited Boston for a few days since that happened to be one of Mr. Genn’s favorite places and Mrs. Genn hadn’t had the chance to visit.

This couple has something different that stems beyond love. Anyone who talks to Mrs. Genn can see the pure love, and more importantly, the respect and appreciation that she has for her husband.