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Our Kennedy Family: Tieber Jr.: By Carley Gilmore ’18


Mr. and Mrs. Tieber with their new son, Matthew Jr.

On July 2, 2016, Mr. and Mrs. Tieber welcomed a baby boy to their family, Matthew Joseph. The baby is named after Mr. Tieber, and his middle name is after Mr. Tieber’s late father-in-law. The whole experience for Mr. Tieber has been nothing short of surreal; he and his family have been filled with happiness and joy since his son’s birth. Baby Matthew has not only brought happiness to Mr. Tieber and his family, but also has brought a new exciting lifestyle change for Mr. Tieber. Mr. Tieber says that knowing his baby’s gender beforehand, reading useful articles online, and asking for personal advice from others greatly helped him to prepare for the baby. However, when it comes to having a child, “You don’t know until you get there.” He believes that the incredible feeling that comes with becoming a parent is simply indescribable until one can experience having a child firsthand. Mr. Tieber says that being a dad has most definitely led to more responsibilities such as sleeping schedules, eating schedules, and watching the baby at all times. “He sleeps ten hours a night…I’ve been very lucky,” Mr. Tieber said. Being a parent has changed Mr. Tieber’s life; since the moment Matthew was born, Mr. Tieber and his son have shared a special, unbreakable bond. “I always want to be around him, and I miss him when I’m gone,” Mr. Tieber said.