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Kennedy Introduces “Friday Night Lights” at 2017 Homecoming: by Annie Burns ’18

Homecoming− a pivotal event to every high school’s football team and overall community. This night provides an opportunity for families, teachers, and, of course, students to display unity as they root for their boys and cheerleaders in an exhilarating game. In Kennedy’s past, the homecoming game has traditionally been held on a Saturday afternoon. While a Saturday filled with friends and football is certainly nothing to scoff at, our team has never had the opportunity to have a so-called “Friday Night Lights” game due to our lack of field lights. Last year, we were able to break this streak of a daytime homecoming with lights that were rented for the event. It was a night to remember and left the Kennedy Catholic community wanting more. Everyone had the same question in mind: Why not make the field lights permanent at Kennedy Catholic?

Kennedy's new main athletic field lights

Kennedy Catholic football player, Miles Proctor runs for a touchdown during our Homecoming win

This goal has finally been achieved in the 2017-2018 academic year. The permanent field lights were installed just in time for Kennedy’s 2017 Homecoming Game.

Running with the football

Team Captain, Greg Brann, runs for first down.

The evening we so exciting, there was a real energy in the air that night,” said Kennedy Director of Advancement Fred Compton. “I had the great fortune to meet with a great many of our alumni that evening. Overwhelmingly, they we so happy for our students, and wished they could have enjoyed them as students themselves.  The support from the community has been so humbling and we are so grateful for the love and support they have shown.”

This groundbreaking addition to the Kennedy Catholic property will allow the school to make a nighttime homecoming game an annual event. Athletic Director Dominick Tassone said, “The football program has great gratitude to all who donated to the light project and to Father ‘V’ for Quarterbacking this thing through. We’ve been working on changing the culture for the last two seasons and now with our state of the art LED lights we can take it to another level. The school, community, and our league will all be affected in the best possible way. It will add to our home field advantage and give our school community something to look forward week in and week out. Once again we are grateful to all who contributed to this light project and making this a reality!

Go KC Gaels!

Coach Tassone celebrates the win with his teammates



This article was originally published for THE GAEL, Kennedy’s Parent and Alumni Magazine.