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Christmas Concert 2016: by Meenu Johnkutty ’17

The night of December 7 was an evening featuring Kennedy’s brightest stars. Kennedy Catholic’s Christmas Concert, featuring the band, chorus, and string ensemble, displayed their musical talents in a series of performances which kicked off the remaining three weeks left till Christmas Day.

The Chorus started the night filled with holiday cheer singing their rendition of “These Alone are Enough.” Then, it followed with the Christmas classics which included “The Little Drummer Boy” and “O Holy Night.” Ava Gallo (11) sang a soulful “Mary, Did You Know” and Tingya Zhang (10) dazzled the audience with her piano solo titled “Senbonzakura.” The Chorus followed with “Panis Angelicus”, featuring soloists Kiely Beltran and Megan Collina, and ended with “We Need a Little Christmas” in unison.

If the Chorus’ performance wasn’t enough of a treat for the audience, then our String Ensemble and Band could most definitely fill the void. The String Ensemble started off with the Brandenburg Concero no. 5, composed by Bach. Then, Erin Glendon, Meenu Johnkutty, Hannah Tracey, Dominic Dudek and Minji Gwon played Mozart’s Flute Quartet in D Major. The band then showcased its first piece titled “Sleigh Ride.” The String Ensemble followed with music from Pirates of the Caribbean. The Band played a joyful medley of Christmas music as part of an arrangement titled “A Christmas Fantasy ” and saved the best for last with a dynamic rendition of “Carol of the Bells.” The String Ensemble ended with “String a Song of Christmas” the second to last piece of the night.

The Band, Chorus, and String Ensemble (the audience was invited to sing along too!) ended with a soulful “White Christmas.” Though the music-related performances for the night were over, the audience was in for another treat made possible by Kennedy’s visual arts students. Using claymation, Mrs. Glembotsky’s art students depicted a story which hit very close to home for one important member of the Kennedy Catholic community: Father Vaillancourt. Illustrating the redeeming power of Christmas after the death of a loved one, the claymation video didn’t leave a single dry eye within the audience.

The Christmas Concert was truly a validation of the tremendous amount of hard work and talent constantly put forward in Kennedy’s fine arts program. Though the Christmas concert may be over, the Spring Concert will soon be right around the corner, where Kennedy’s brightest stars will showcase their talents once again!

To see images from the concert, please visit our gallery of images page. 

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The 13th Annual Golf Outing: By Julia Feeney ’17

The 2016 Kennedy Catholic Golf Classic - Images captured by Jacob Bergmeier (2016) Download full-resolution images at KennedyCatholic.Pixieset.com

Members of the Student Government with Fred Compton, Director of Advancement

The 13th annual KCHS golf classic was a total success. With 96 people in attendance, many of whom are Kennedy Catholic alumni, there were a lot of laughs and whole lot of golf. While interviewing alumni they all looked back very fondly on their times at Kennedy, and past golf outings. Two of the more entertaining alumni in attendance where the Beyrer brothers. During his time at Kennedy, Brendan Beyrer was the captain of the 1993 (8-1) “Bowl Winning” football team. Brendan’s brother, Daniel Beyrer, started the Kennedy Lacrosse program. The two look back on their years at Kennedy very fondly and have been to all 13 golf outings. The brothers also asked me to give a plug to their other favorite Kennedy alumni event, the Turkey Bowl held the day after Thanksgiving at Kennedy. As I spent the day speaking to many alumni in attendance, I noticed they all remember Kennedy Catholic affectionately, especially their experiences as Kennedy athletes. Also, they use the Golf Outing as a miniature high school reunion with old friends they made in school. Most continued on to say that Kennedy has positively affected their live in countless ways since graduating. What came up the most in my interviews was the fact that Kennedy Catholic gave them a moral compass that they have stuck by since graduation. By far, the coolest person in attendance was John Viniello who went all out for the “golf look” wearing bright pink pants, without a doubt winning the best dressed of the day. He and his brother Mario, who was also at the Golf outing, are former Kennedy coaches/teachers. John coached the very successful Kennedy cross country team and Mario coached the basketball team. When asked if he had a favorite memory from his time as a Kennedy coach, John talked about when his team won the Eastern State Championship, and Mario talked about when his basketball team, the last seed in a tournament, beat the first seed. In one of their games, they even got to play the now famous Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Golfers spent the day on the beautiful course at Centennial in Carmel, NY

Golfers spent the day on the beautiful course at Centennial in Carmel, NY

This year’s golf outing’s fundraising is going to (for the most part) lights for the turf field, but the monies raised in the golf games go to the Kennedy Golf team. The golf games were one of the new activities at this year’s golf outing. The games included a Flop Shot Wall, A Marshmallow Long Drive and Snag Golf. To win Sang Golf you had to successfully hit John DelPriore with a tennis ball, this seemed to be the favorite game this year, especially for the student golfers. Another one of the new activities at this year’s golf outing was the new golfer clinic. Our very own Mrs. Boston participated in the class. When asked about it afterwards, she said that the class was fun, informative and definitely something she’d recommend to a friend. And, although she’s not quite ready to compete in the next PGA tournament, she has become quite the accomplished putter.


Most of the guests’ talents were far from Tiger Woods skill and were happy to admit it, but never the less, a good time was had by everyone. As I drove around the course talking to people, I saw nothing but smiles, and heard nothing but laughter. One guest, Mrs. Young would also like for our readers to know that “It was a top 10 day! The weather was spectacular… we all had a blast. Everyone should give the Golf Outing a whirl.”

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