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KCPS Clubs 2022-2023

Please find the full list of club offerings for the 2022-2023 school year! Students will sign up for clubs via a Google Form sent to their Kennedy Catholic Gmail accounts during Homecoming Week.

Archery with Mrs. O’Rourke

Mondays, Outside Behind the Gym, 2:45pm

Weather permitting, members will hone their aim with the bow and arrow.

Art with Mrs. Glembotsky 

Tuesdays, Room 126, 2:45pm

The Art Club needs MOTIVATED and EXCITED students to revitalize this group. If you sign up for Art Club, you’re signing up for an opportunity to make it your own and take a leadership position. We need you to take charge!

Astronomy with Mrs. Kalantarov

Wednesdays, Commons, 2:45pm

Explore the universe and learn all about the final frontier: space. 

Bell Choir with Mrs. Boston

Wednesdays October – December, 124

Bell choir will meet every Wednesday from October to December. We will sing a variety of Christmas carols and play tone chimes, which are easy to play handheld acoustic instruments that sound like bells. At the end of Bell Choir, we will visit the Paramount at Somers Rehabilitation & Nursing Center and perform for the residents during school hours. Bell choir is a great opportunity to meet new people, and members will even get community service hours!

Book Club with Mrs. Normile

Mondays, Room 107, 2:45pm

Looking for a good book?

Join this new book club for conversation and camaraderie as we read and discuss a variety of books throughout the year. Meetings will be held Mondays. Bring your recommendations!

CAR Club with Mr. Reyes

Tuesdays & Thursdays, Room 114, 2:45pm

Members will discuss car makes and models and learn about how they work.

Card Club with Mr. Jackson

Wednesday, Room 100, 2:45pm 

Trading cards is a profitable business! Join us and learn all there is to know about sports cards.

Caritas with Mrs. Cerino

Every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month in 109

The goal of this service club is to help promote charitable acts in a fun way. As the club unfolds, club members will consider ways in which we can give back to our community by doing such things as sending Christmas and Valentine’s cards to nursing homes and veterans, making bookmarks for local libraries, and so much more.

Chess with Mr. MacDonald

Mondays, Room 101, 2:45-3:45pm

Chess club is a community of new, beginner, intermediate, and advanced chess players. If you don’t know how to play, now is the time to learn! Come with a friend and battle it out on the board. Each day we’ll watch videos, learn tactics, practice against others, and visualize our next moves – Queen’s Gambit style.

Creative Writing with Mrs. Normile

Monday, Room 107, 2:45pm

Remember Mary Shelly? She wrote Frankenstein in 1818 on a dare from her husband Percy which became the first sci-fi gothic horror, still prominent in the Hollywood and Kennedy Catholic societies today. Well now Connor Torrey and Mrs. Normile would like to challenge ya’ll to join the creative writing club to share some of the stories (comedy, tragedy, etc.) floating around in your brains. We are shooting for Monday Meeting.  Come join us!

Debate with Mr. Currie

Tuesdays, Room 101, 2:45pm

This club offers an opportunity to pick relevant topics to discuss and debate in a civilized and formal setting.

Decorating with Mrs. Normile

As Needed, Room 107 and Around the School, 2:45pm

Help Mrs. Normile jazz up the place with seasonal decorations and for special events, like the Auction!

Film with Mr. Tassone

Starting winter

Film Club organizes screening of artistic cinema, documentaries and short films. This forum provides the students an opportunity to watch, discuss and review films. The club will include both in house screening and field trips to a movie theater.

Fishing with Mrs. O’Rourke

Wednesdays Weather Permitting, Kennedy Pond, 2:45pm

Weather permitting, the fishing club has the privilege of enjoying the Kennedy pond and practicing their fishing skills. More information about the start date of the club and meeting days is forthcoming.  

Gael Winds with Ms. Torre

Tuesdays, 128, 2:45pm

Kennedy’s student-run online newspaper! Staff members write about events or spotlight people from the Kennedy community. After we discuss ideas and coverage, we will spend thirty minutes every Tuesday JUST writing – because that’s how long an article should take us! 30 minutes – no more, no less.  Learn about journalistic writing and become a published author on our website!

Games with Mr. Olin

Mondays, Library, 2:45pm

The games club will celebrate and participate in board, video, and card games – everything game related!

Girls in STEM with Mrs. Ioannou

Wednesdays, 116, 2:45pm

The Girls in STEM club (which now includes Teens in Medicine) will inform students about opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and conduct small labs in a variety of scientific disciplines after school. Everyone is welcome!

Italian with Mrs. Tedesco

Thursdays, Room 105, 2:45pm

The goal of this club is to work with Italian Charities, enrich the Italian culture at Kennedy, and for our members to take pride in our heritage.

Irish with Ms. Torre

Days TBD

Explore all the Emerald Isle has to offer, learn beginner’s Gaelic, and celebrate the most beautiful place there is!

Kennedy Live with Ms. Torre & Mr. Jackson

As Needed, Homeroom in the Studio & After School TBD for special shoots

Kennedy’s own news show! Sign up to be on one of three teams: production (gathering and writing stories), technician (manning the camera, mics, etc.), or talent (anchoring). Be patient as we get this organized for the first time in over THREE years! There will be a LOT of interest in Kennedy Live, so if you sign up you will NOT be working in the studio every day. 

Latin American Heritage with Mr. Tieber

Day will Vary, Room 104, 2:45pm

The goal of the club is to celebrate the many aspects of Latin American Culture as well as to demonstrate and maintain the values that have contributed to making the peoples of Latin America part of a rich and vibrant society. We will explore the language, the traditions, and the many ethnic groups that make this civilization.

Math with Mr. Olson

Tuesdays, Room 110, 2:45pm

The math club seeks fun and interesting ways to engage in the world of mathematics.  Students will explore mathematics both for its own sake, as well as its many cool applications in the world around us.  If interested, students may also seek to take part in math competitions.

Mental Health Club

Days TBD with Ms. Dixon

Discuss important topics in mental health and help plan mindfulness events for your fellow students!

Musical Theater & Movement with Ms. Rue

Thursdays 3:00-4:00, Auditorium

Eight-Week Session

Begins Thurs. Sept. 22. Available to students 6 th -12 th grades. A minimum of 10 students required. This class will include basic Broadway dance steps and styles.

Beginner/Intermediate level. Required: Soft soled shoes or jazz shoes.

Contact: Barbara Rue – 914 584 8201 – Director/Choreographer [email protected]

Philosophy with Ms. Vlattas

Mondays, Room 115, 2:45pm

The purpose of philosophy in conversation is to provide an atmosphere of shared learning through discussion of philosophical thinkers, contemporary issues in philosophy, and mind-bending thought experiments. As Socrates said, “the unexamined life is not worth living.”

Ping-Pong with Mrs. Kalantarov

Wednesdays, Commons, 2:45pm

Hone your hand eye coordination and become a ping-pong master! Tables will be set up in the Commons for players to compete one on one and in tournaments.

Pro-Life with Mrs. Cerino

Every 2nd and 4th Monday of the month in 109

The goal of this club is to promote the culture of life at Kennedy and in the world around us. In our club, we will work on ways to help others understand the importance and dignity of human life at every stage through discussions and activities. Opportunities to attend the March for Life and participate in various school-wide drives and programs will occur if possible. Depending on interest, we may also participate in other faith-based activities including Bible study.

Recreational Sports with Ms. Tolan

Day TBD, Commons & Kennedy Lawn, 2:45pm

This club offers members the opportunity, space, and equipment to play recreational sports such as badminton, waffle ball, kickball, and outdoor basketball. Members will decide which sports will be played any given week.

Shakespeare with Mr. Spellman

Days TBD

Read, write, and think like the Bard himself! If you love Shakespeare or want to learn to love him, this is the group for you.

Song Writing Club

More info coming soon!

Student Section with Ms. Torre

Home Games, Whenever They Happen, For the Gaels!

Support our Gaels on the fields and on the court by helping to organize a student section! Our goal is to design swag to wear at games and cheer on our athletes.

Tap Dance with Ms. Rue

Beginner I Tuesdays 3:00-4:00, Auditorium

Intermediate II Wednesday 3:00-4:00, Auditorium 

Classes are available for boys and girls in 6-12th grades. A minimum of 10 students is required for each class.




The Beginner I class will include learning the basic foundational tap steps. This will give you the ability to learn more challenging steps, and combinations. It’s fun and easy. I have never had a student that couldn’t do it. Trust me!

The intermediate class will progress from the basic steps mastered in Beginner II and Intermediate I. We will continue learning the classic tap steps, time steps and combinations.

This class will also concentrate on increasing the speed of your taps and turns, body placement and performance capability. It only gets better!

Ultimate Frisbee with Mr. Jackson & Mrs. Jackson

Mondays and Fridays, Grass Field, 2:45pm

Do you like football, soccer or handball? Come learn to play flatball, a.ka. Ultimate Frisbee. This unique, fun & fast paced sport comes with a catch – no experience necessary. Bring a dark and light shirt, a water bottle and cleats if you have them. See you on the field!

Weight Room with Mr. Tassone

Starting winter

Hone your form and build your strength in the weight room!

Yearbook with Ms. Torre

Wednesdays, Room 128, 2:45pm

Be responsible for the collection of memories for your school! Brainstorm fun events and topics to cover, take photos, design pages, and learn about publishing as a member of the yearbook staff.

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