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Art Courses Offers at Kennedy


An instructional choral program for all students interested in music expression through voice in a large group setting

This program will expose students to a variety of music styles, as well as enforce proper vocal techniques, sight reading, dynamics, and style, while teaching students to read music and sing “in parts”

Participation in the monthly school wide community liturgies as well as in two Kennedy Catholic Fine Arts performances per year is required

Although no prior experience is needed, an audition is required for 9th graders. *Others must obtain Mrs. Boston’s signature on their course registration form


The Kennedy Catholic High School Band Program will provide a variety of opportunities to our student musicians.  They will be challenged to broaden their knowledge of the elements of music, musical expression, and musical awareness.  Their goals will include musical spontaneity and to find a better understanding and appreciation of all styles of music. Band offers a unique opportunity to learn self-discipline, self-confidence, and an understanding of a group effort.  Studying music creates room for growth in spatial concepts, listening skills, and innovation. It also develops a well-rounded student.

String Ensemble

The group meets every day for forty minutes during homeroom period

Many of the students are very advanced and our numbers are growing!


Open to students in all grades, this course will cover the following components: Introduction to Theater, Character Development, Monologue, Improvisation, Scene Work, Movement, and Resume Design for summarizing theatrical experiences

Through theatrical games and improvisational exercises, students will develop skills in dramatic technique

Students will work individually and in groups as they rehearse and perform theatrical works in class

Students in this course are required to participate in some capacity in the spring musical

* Mrs. Boston’s signature is required on the registration form

Art and Music Appreciation

The students will  apply elements and  principles of art and music to help formulate and understand their own artistic tastes.  Development of a useful visual vocabulary and aural vocabulary will be addressed.

Extensive time will be invested in the critiquing and evaluating of major works, styles, forms, media and processes, while exploring a general overview of important art and music history

Studio in Art

This is a course for the serious art student. It is a prerequisite for all art majors

Principles of art and design are taught primarily through drawing techniques in various media. The course requires weekly homework drawings. No cartooning is included in this course.

Prerequisite: Applicants must submit a detailed drawing of a dining room or kitchen chair and receive Department approval.  Those not accepted in the course will choose another humanities course.

Drawing and Painting I

Drawing skills are enlarged upon by means of outside assignments

The use and understanding of color is the primary objective

Oil paint is the principal medium used. Students are encouraged to proceed at their own level.

Prerequisites:   Completion of Studio in Art and Department approval

Drawing and Painting 2

This course is similar to Drawing and Painting 1 but differs in degree rather than kind

More emphasis is placed upon composition and design and the volume of work produced is greater

Prerequisites: Drawing and Painting 1 and Department approval

Advanced Painting

For the truly advanced art student, this college level course emphasizes problem solving and experimentation in creative interpretation and in other painting media

Prerequisites: Drawing and Painting and Department approval

Advanced Drawing

A college level course with emphasis on advanced drawing techniques and problem solving

Prerequisite: Drawing and Painting as well as Department approval.  Also, must be taken along with a Drawing & Painting course.

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