Visitor Policy

  1. All visitors must enter the building only through the Main Office Entrance (Entrance #2). No visitor is permitted to enter the building during student arrival or dismissal at the student entry/exit points at the Commons (Entrance #1) or Cafeteria (Entrance #14).
  2. Visitors will not be permitted into the building during the changing of classes or times when a large volume of students are in the hallways. Parents picking up students must remain in the Main Office until the student meets them there.
  3. Visitors to the school are not permitted in the academic area of the school, which includes the gym and library.
  4. Visitors will be met in the main office and will be accompanied to either an office or a designated meeting place.
  5. Visitors must sign-in, be given a pass to be worn on a lanyard and must leave a drivers license at the main desk which will be returned when you leave.