Kennedy Catholic Announces Name Change

To embody its mission of preparing young people for collegiate and professional success, KCHS School becomes KCPS

John F. Kennedy Catholic High School has changed its name to John F. Kennedy Catholic Preparatory School to reflect its mission of preparing young people for success in both the academic and professional worlds.

The Board of Trustees is excited to formally announce this news that reflects the hard work of the board, the administration, faculty, and staff. Kennedy Catholic has always sought to provide students with the highest level of education and the best opportunities for growth in mind, body, and spirit. In the last decade, Kennedy has made strides in tailoring scholastic curriculum and community engagement to facilitate its students’ success in competitive academic and professional environments.

Academic and Community Opportunities

The Kennedy education has always been preparatory because of its forward-looking nature. Students are offered a full gambit of AP and college accredited courses from St. John’s University, SUNY Albany, Iona College, and the recently instituted PACE Business Curriculum. Each student receives college counseling from our guidance department, attends our annual college fair, and meets with representatives from these institutions. Programs such as STEM and VEX offer opportunities to students to explore and engage in the sciences. All students are immersed in the dynamic KCPS approach to learning.

The iPad Learning Program

In 2014, the school introduced the iPad Learning Program. The iPad has since become an instrumental tool for weaving classroom instruction with the latest technology and online resources. Every faculty member and student is equipped with educational systems such as Canvas Learning Management System and ExamSoft Online Assessment Platform.

The integration of lecture and online learning emulates collegiate instruction, providing students with the necessary skills to adapt and excel in a technology laden world that is constantly advancing, and aids in the transition to a more independent structure of learning. 

In his Spring 2020 Presentation, President Father Vaillancourt summed up the benefits of the integration of in-person and online learning that is the hallmark of the Kennedy Preparatory education: “The iPad has taken the Kennedy classroom and extended it to the soccer field, the bleacher, the school bus, the train… The iPad is a classroom on your desk.”

The Class of 2020

The Class of 2020’s hard work, determination, and dedication earned them over $54 million in college scholarships. Kennedy Catholic is proud to have provided them with necessary tools and unique opportunities to achieve this recognition from these institutions of higher education. These remarkable students are the embodiment of the inherent preparatory facet of the Kennedy Catholic education that only keeps moving forward.

Learn More

To learn more about the Kennedy Catholic Preparatory education, explore our website at KennedyCatholic.org.

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