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My leadership role in my school’s yearbook started with a spark of interest and a willingness to contribute, not only for myself but for my peers. I began as a member of the team, learning the ropes and understanding the intricacies of creating a yearbook and soon became the lead Student editor during my Senior year. 

During freshman year, I found myself naturally stepping up and taking on more responsibilities. I had to navigate the challenges of meeting deadlines, managing photo placements, and resolving conflicts within the book. Slowly but surely, I realized the importance of social representation beyond the pages and in our school as a whole. 

Each Yearbook tells a story that involves and connects hundreds of students. We have always aimed to create a book that represents my school and peers as one. A yearbook is not made by candid photos and name tags but by the memories and friendships captured within each page. Being involved with the Yearbook club has inspired my drive for success and caring for others. It has taught me that the most important factors of success are teamwork, communication, camaraderie, and support. I look back on every page I have created in the past four years and see all of these aspects reflected. 

I look back on every page I have created in the past four years and see all of these aspects reflected in Kennedy. They were evident from the moment I walked the main entrance in 6th grade while following my sister on high school tours. The most valuable lesson I have learned at Kennedy is one that cannot be taught in a classroom, but only through experience and opportunity. Working Hard is essential for success, it goes beyond just yourself and involves the people you are surrounded with. I am forever grateful to my teachers  and peers at Kennedy who have taught me what it means to be a Gael. 

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