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Senior Events 2023

This post will be updated as details are finalized.

SENIOR BREAKFAST is scheduled for Tuesday May 30th at 8:30am here at Kennedy. There you’ll receive your yearbooks and senior awards. Generally, seniors choose to dress up for this event, but please keep in mind dress down day attire requirements are still in place!

The following day, Wednesday May 31st, is your SENIOR PROM, which will be held at Greentree Country Club in New Rochelle from 6pm to 10pm. Tickets will be approximately $230 and sales will open later this spring. Seniors are permitted to bring Kennedy Catholic juniors as guests only (no sophomores or freshmen) or juniors or seniors from other high schools as guests. Remember that you will have mandatory Graduation Rehearsal here at St. Joseph’s at 1pm the following day. 

For Prom, arrival time to Kennedy Catholic will be 4:45pm so that the buses can depart promptly to make it to the venue on time. Yes, taking the bus is a requirement of attending prom. Buses will return to Kennedy Catholic following the conclusion of the event, and yes, taking the bus back to school is a requirement of attending prom.

The Attire Guidelines are very similar to Junior Semi Formal, but find them copied below. By purchasing tickets, you will be affirming that you will follow the Code of Conduct, Attire Guidelines, and Arrival/Departure Policy. 

Attire Guidelines

Formal Attire for Young Men

  • A suit, collared shirt, and tie are required. Tuxedos are optional.
  • Dress shoes, dark socks, and a belt must be worn.
  • Jeans, athletic shoes or sneakers, white socks, and baseball caps or hats of any kind are not acceptable.
  • Hair must be cut, neatly combed, may not hang over the shirt collar and may not be bleached or dyed.
  • Young men must be clean shaven.
  • No earrings, excessive or inappropriate makeup, jewelry, or nail polish.

Formal Attire for Young Women

  • A long formal dress, to the mid-calf or longer, is required. Slits may not extend above the top of the kneecap.
  • Formal dresses with sleeves, thick straps, spaghetti straps, and strapless dresses are acceptable.
  • Necklines must leave no more than 4-5 inches bare chest between collarbone and the top of the dress.
  • Backs of dresses should fall no lower than 6-8 inches from the nape of the neck.
  • Backless ensembles, plunging necklines, exposed midriffs, and revealing styles are not acceptable.
  • Dress heels or dressy flat shoes are required.

Seniors and guests that choose not to follow the Attire Guidelines will not be permitted to enter the event until they are dressed appropriately. Kennedy Catholic seniors are responsible for ensuring any approved guests comply with the dress code.

Attire Approval Process

  • Once you have purchased your attire and made any alterations necessary to meet the standards of the Guidelines, you may email two photos (one of the front, one of the back) of you dressed in your attire to [email protected] for approval.
  • Young men, if you plan to wear anything except a traditional suit, please make this submission.
  • Young women, if you need to make any alterations to your attire to ensure that it meets the standards, please do so before you make your submission.
  • Approval is peace of mind for you and for us! The last thing anyone wants is to have any of our seniors turned away the night of the event, but it has happened before. Let’s make this year’s event go off without a hitch!
  • Submissions are due May 17, 2023.

Also keep in mind that these Guidelines can help protect you from any wardrobe malfunctions!

At this time, this is all the information available. Please be attentive to future information and instructions regarding Senior Prom that will be sent from the prom email account as soon as it is available. Thank you for your patience!

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