Track Races Forward

With the spring season well under way, the freshmen and sophomores of Kennedy Catholic Track and Field ran a great meet this past Sunday, May 1, at Icahn Stadium.  This meet was only a continuation of a successful season.  With greater numbers and greater enthusiasm than last year, I personally hope that we can make this year count.  

Kennedy Track is glad to have Mr. Tassone coaching again this year and we are happy to have Ms. Meyerer coaching us for the first time.  Coach Meyerer is very excited to help bring Kennedy Catholic Track to greatness, “It is my goal to be able to grow this program to simply scratch the surface of the legacy that Sister Janet left us here at Kennedy. My coach always said, ‘it starts with you’, and that is exactly the mentality that I am bringing to our team this year.  We are a young team, so with this comes only strengths in my eyes.  I am very proud of all of their efforts, but we have a long way to go before we can compete at the team Sectional level. I strongly believe that we have the talent and dedication to accomplish many great things over the next couple years; and that is exactly what I plan to do.”

The coaches hope to expand Kennedy Track and Field further by getting students involved in additional competitions like long jump, hurdles, discus, and javelin.  According to Coach Meyerer, “We are planning to bring back the ‘Field’ in Track and Field so that when we compete, we are there to take home the trophy.”

We would like to congratulate the following students for their performance at the meet on Sunday:

Freshman James Roche with a 1600m time of 5:04.  

Freshman John Urbanowicz with a 200m time of 27.3. Placed 14/69 at the Championship meet. 

Freshman Kevin Finer with a 100m time of 14.2.  

Freshman James Badaracco with a 100m time of 14.7, increasing his PR by 2 seconds. 

Freshman Ella Hovsepian with a 200m time of 31.3 where she not only dramatically improved her time, but also placed 31st/103 athletes. 

Freshman Lylla McKee with a PR 200m time of 32.4.  

Freshman Carolyn Arrigale with an 800m time of 2:35 where she placed 2nd out of 40.

Freshman Eleanor Brown with an 800m time of 2:45, dropping her PR as well as placing 9/40.

Great job guys, let’s keep it up! 

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Track Races Forward

Robby Grande catches up with Track Coach Meyerer, who plans to bring the “field” back to the Track & Field program.

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