Sports Banquet honors teams, coaches; 68 All-League & All-Section recipients

Kennedy recognizes students with 68 All-League and All-Section awards at annual Sports Banquet.


Kennedy Catholic honored its student-athletes last night, recognizing its top male and female performers with class awards, and handed out 68 All-League, All-Section and Honorable Mention plaques and certificates.

The evening’s top two prizes went to seniors Christopher Gillen and Shayna Gaskins with the Athletic Director’s and President’s Awards, respectively.  The Gaels also paid tribute to League Champion volleyball, girls’ basketball and boys’ lacrosse, along with Coaches of the Year Ellen Casey P’12 for volleyball, and first-year man Lance DeMarzo for girls’ basketball.

Toggle on the titles below for full descriptions of each award, along with their winners.

[toggle title=”Monsignor Mulroy Award”]
Monsignor John J. Mulroy was the first director of John F. Kennedy Catholic High School and a champion of all its teams.  In recognition of his support, the Athletics Department inaugurated the Monsignor Mulroy Award, presented yearly to a boy and girl in the freshmen class.

Students selected for this award are outstanding members of their class who demonstrate strong athletic ability, scholarship and school spirit.  The 2013 Monsignor Mulroy Award was presented to freshmen Gabriella Vlattas and Dominick Cristiano.
[toggle title=”Danny Dwyer Award”]
On the first day of his sophomore year at Kennedy Catholic, Danny Dwyer underwent an operation to remove a brain tumor.  He subsequently fell into a coma and died on Dec. 5, 1971.  Remembered for his incredible enthusiasm and school spirit, Danny participated in football and wrestling, bringing vitality to each.

The Danny Dwyer Award is presented each year to the sophomore boy and girl who demonstrate the qualities that were so evident in Danny.  Although he was with us but a short time, his spirit will never be forgotten, as the 2013 Danny Dwyer Award was presented to Megan Weidenhamer and Tucker Clair.
[toggle title=”Steven Murphy Award”]
This award is given to juniors who participated in two sports and demonstrate the following characteristics: dedication to their team, strong work ethic, intensity, reliability and leadership.  Steve Murphy was everything a Kennedy Catholic athlete should be, and this year his award is presented to juniors Kiera Hennesey and Robert Sorrentino.
[toggle title=”Allen Anthony Anderson Award”]
Allen Anthony Anderson graduated from John F. Kennedy Catholic High School in June of 1971.  He was a spirited and athletic young man, participating in three varsity sports—basketball, football and track.  Sadly, five years after graduating, Allen died in an automobile accident.

The Allen Anthony Anderson Award was established in memory of Allen and his many contributions to the Kennedy Catholic Community.  This award is presented yearly to the most outstanding three-sport athlete in the senior class, and this year the recipients are Allie Petrullo and Dennis Devey.
[toggle title=”Vincent Ingegneri Award”]
Vincent Ingegneri was a member of the Class of 1965 at St. Mary’s High School in Katonah.  At the annual Sports Awards Dinner, Vincent was presented with an award for being the most outstanding member of the senior class because of his endless school spirit.

Three days after receiving the award and two weeks before graduation, Vincent drowned in the Titicus Reservoir.  Since that unfortunate accident, the award has been renamed after Vincent and its criteria changed.  It is now presented to the most outstanding boy and girl scholar-athletes of the senior class, chosen on the basis of their scholarship, athletic ability and leadership.  The 2013 recipients are Rachel Entwistle and John Davin.
[toggle title=”All-League & All-Section”]

Anne Abbruzzese Volleyball / All Section
Jason Agresti Baseball/All Section/All League
Nicole Alleva Indoor Track
Nicole Alleva Softball/All League
Courtney Araujo Girls Lacrosse
Charles Asaro Indoor Track / Honorable Mention
Charles Asaro Track & Field 100 meters and 400 Intermediate Hurdles
Armando Barquin Golf/All League
John Brabazon Baseball/All League
Natalie Burke Girls Tennis/All League
Natalie Burke Girls Lacrosse
Mary Burns Volleyball
Tucker Clair Boys Lacrosse
Nicole Collado Field Hockey
Dominick Cristiano Basketball / Honorable Mention
Daniel Cruz Basketball
John Davin Indoor Track / Honorable Mention
John Davin Track & Field Long Jump
Sean Delaney Basketball
Dennis Devey Boys Lacrosse
Griffin Dey Baseball/All Section Honorable Mention/All League
Ariana Djerdaj Soccer Honorable Mention
Shannon Donahue Girls Tennis /All League
Sara Dowd Basketball / Honorable Mention
Joseph Drpich Baseball/All League
Kerri Durkin Soccer
Rachel Entwistle Softball/All Section/All League
Megan Erb Volleyball
Caroline Erb Volleyball / All Section Honorable Mention
Molly Feeney Sofball/All League
Kaela Fields Softball/All Section Honorable Mention/All League
Kelly Gallagher Volleyball AllLeague, All Section Honorable Mention
Kelly Gallagher Volleyball
Gavin Garay Baseball/All League
Shayna Gaskins Basketball /All League MVP
Christopher Gillen Basketball
Patrice Grande Softball/All Section Honorable Mention/All League
Leah Greene Soccer/ All Section
Leah Greene Basketball
Kiera Hennesey Soccer/ All Section
Keira Hennessey Basketball
Jennifer Jamieson Softball/All League Honorable Mention
Austin Johnson Ice Hockey
Alexandria Kleinschmidt Swimming
Hyun Kyo Jung Soccer / All Section
John Lamagna Boys Tennis/All League
Victoria Lange Soccer
Deirdre Ledley Cross Country
Blair Lenzi Volleyball
Gerard Martirano Ice Hockey / Honorable Mention
Gerard Martirano Boys Lacrosse
Matthew Minniter Soccer / All Section Honorable Mention
Joseph Molfetta Ice Hockey
Dmitri Monaghan Basketball / Honorable Mention
Rebecca O’Callaghan Indoor Track / Honorable Mention
Allie Petrullo Soccer/ All Section Honorable Mention
Daniellla Petrullo Soccer Honorable Mention
Alexandra Petrullo Girls Lacrosse
Danielle Petrullo Girls Lacrosse
Ryan Podlovits Boys Lacrosse
Gabriela Rosado Softball/All League Honorable Mention
Victoria Schorr Track & Field 400 Intermediate Hurdles
Jennifer Schuck Indoor Track / Honorable Mention
Mack Tierney Ice Hockey / Honorable Mention
Brett Trodden Boys Lacrosse
Elizabeth Varoli Girls Tennis / All League
Megan Weidenhamer Basketball




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