Pi Day Problems

In celebration of Pi Day–it was 3.14, after all–Mrs. O’Rourke’s seventh-period College Algebra students were treated to the following math problem.  See if you can solve it…

The Pi-Rates found that the length of the ship directly correlates to the pounds of loot they will take home. Their findings are below:

  • A 10 foot ship usually has 458 pounds of loot
  • A 25 foot ship usually has 827 pounds of loot
  • A 45 foot ship usually has 1027 pounds of loot
  • A 96 foot ship usually has 1058 pounds of loot

A 139 foot ship is sitting in the harbor. The Pi-Rates are planning to loot the ship. How much loot can they expect to from this ship if it follows the data modeled above?

Enjoy, and Happy Pi Day!



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