Guidance In Your Corner

During the month of November, the Kennedy Catholic Guidance Department coordinated a presentation to empower all of our students to make valuable life choices for themselves.  The powerful anecdotal presentation, given by a life skills coach, was presented to each grade on an individual grade basis on Monday, November 15th and 22nd, in order to raise awareness about the consequences of destructive choices and the power of positive ones when dealing with drug and alcohol issues.
“We know there is a lot going on (outside the school),” collectively says Guidance Department staff. “We hope that by offering these types of heart-to-heart discussions where our kids have an outlet to talk about the real pressures and situations of their personal and social lives, they can learn that they are powerful in their own right to acknowledge their unhealthy choices and replace them with wiser, more fulfilling ones.  We want these kids to value themselves as “free choosers” and feel more able to be compassionate towards others.  Through these talks, the message is that they are the “writers” and “creators” of their own story.  They have the power to create and recreate their own choices on a day to day basis.”

Students were captivated and involved while listening to the presenter’s story as well as during the Q & A session, where students were given the opportunity to ask questions in a non-judgmental environment.  The presenter, Mike, was available after all of the talks to respond to questions or concerns from students on an individual basis.

Here at Kennedy, the counseling staff is always available to talk with students in all grade levels when they have questions or concerns about drugs, alcohol, or other challenging situations that they are encountering in their lives.

For kids who want more information about drugs and alcohol and for parents who want to learn how to begin a conversation with their teen about alcohol, drugs, and other related adolescent issues, start with   Alliance for Safe Kids is a Yorktown community based organization which promotes safety and awareness for families and kids.