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If you were one of the lucky fans at last Friday’s hockey game against Rye, you saw what could arguably be called Kennedy Catholic Hockey’s finest hour.  Despite a 2-1 loss against the number 5 team in NYS, the Gaels played like they were tied for 5th place.  Heart, strength, skill… all three were present on the ice that cold February night.  My heart was in my throat each time a member of the team dove headfirst into direct path of a screaming puck.   Rye was shooting rubber bullets and the defense was there for what seemed like 100 shots.  Leading the defense was senior Luke Martin who stopped nearly 50 shots himself.  Staff writer for MSG Varsity Isaac Caas had this to say about Luke’s performance: “Goalies don’t disappoint: Both goalies — Rye’s Aaron Rix and JFK/PV’s Luke Martin, turned in standout performances, but Martin’s was a cut above. The senior played arguably the best game of his life, coming up with a career-high 41 saves — with more than half coming in crunch time of the third period and overtime.

Gentlemen: please know that for 3 periods you delivered a performance that left us feeling like we won the ‘ship‘ !!!

To the Seniors:  – you are true Gaels.  Thank you!

On March 1st, the following awards were announced by the Section 1 organizers:

All Section Players
  1. Steve Santini
All League Players
  1. Steve Santini
  2. Luke Martin
  3. Mike Tierney
All League Honorable Mention
  1. Josh Loizeaux
  2. Andrew Rodriguez

Section 1 Player of the year

  1. Steve Santini

Conference 1 Player of the year

  1. Steve Santini

Russ Simon Sportsmanship Award for Conference 1

  1. Luke Martin



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