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In an effort to help promote New York’s All Day Confessions event, happening Monday April 18th, The Archdiocese of New York and other dioceses are launching a campaign called i-Confess. The goal of this campaign is to generate interest in the act of Confession through the use of both social and digital media.

Participants will have the opportunity to create and submit a short YouTube stylized video of up to 1 minute in length for a chance to win the top prize of $25,000 towards an educational scholarship along with another $25,000 for their local parish. Second and multiple third place awards will also be awarded smaller cash prizes.

Reaching people in today’s media age can sometimes be very difficult, especially with all that is out there. The hope is that young people will see these videos and be encouraged to come back to the church and that faithful Catholics will feel empowered by the Church’s effort to evangelize. With our video “Consider Confession and Be Saved” we try to inform our viewers of the benefits of going to confession. This video was created with the help of friends from our youth group at the Assumption Parish in Peekskill, NY.

Our youth group takes part in many activities to try to promote active participation in the Catholic faith. We conduct midnight runs every month in the city for the homeless. We also hold weekly meetings to discuss topics that are prevalent in our society and how we can become better Catholics. We believe the problem with ‘Catholic’ teenagers in modern days is that they are only Catholic by name. It is not enough to go to Church every week if you go home and do nothing to reinforce those beliefs taught to us by the Church and school. Here at Kennedy we have great opportunities to show our Catholic identity, but a majority of us do not take advantage. These opportunities include weekly confessions and daily masses held in the chapel. Students need to take more initiative and create their own ways of expressing their faith.


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