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Seniors learn about ‘Life in Christ’ at Graymoor Spiritual Life Center

Graymoor Retreat Center, Garrison, NY


Brother David Mary calls it the “spiritual shock” treatment.  Not unlike other retreats, the goal is to remove the participants from their daily distractions so they can be more attune to the Spirit and themselves.  Which is why Kennedy’s Senior Retreats are held at Graymoor in Garrison, N.Y., where the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement have been hosting the upperclassmen Gaels for the past decade.

Once those distractions–cell phones, homework, social responsibilities–are removed, Brother David Mary said the students often feel a sense of loss and restlessness.  The underlying question the Friars ask the Kennedy seniors to consider is “What is going to fill that restlessness?”.

For Brother Crispin, the answer is living a life in Christ.  As with any relationship, you have to get to know somebody before you can trust them.  In order for the Kennedy seniors to truly trust in Jesus, Brother Crispin and the Friars hope to provide a deeper experience of Christ that will strengthen a “life-changing trust”.

Brother David Mary, before speaking to the seniors about his own discernment and vocational call, said witness is important to kids today.  Not unlike watching the latest Presidential debate, students are keenly aware of whether one’s actions are consistent with one’s words.

“Where do they find that consistency,” Brother David Mary asked rhetorically.

At Kennedy Catholic, for starters…



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