Masterpieces of the Spring Art Show: By Tianyi (Jack) Yuan ’16


Student art from the 2016 Art Show

The Kennedy Art Show was displayed during production week of Cinderella. Each opus was born from our fellow students’ enthusiasm and appreciation of beauty. The pieces of art transmitted verses from the students’ innermost selves. The artists used pigments that varied with the mood of their pieces.  Under the guidance of Mrs. Glembotzky in the art studio, they have been prepared to compose the finest paintings and drawings with deep meanings. With this mentality, the work they brought out of their studio, also came out of their hearts. Therefore, the art show proved to be a touching event for artists and non-artists alike. All of you that had the chance to see these students’ work should have appreciated the pieces and felt the enjoyment of interpreting the authors’ mental work. I am compelled to tell the artists that their talents are deeply appreciated and that their work brought even more enjoyment to the wonderful shows of CinderellaTheir art represented words in their hearts which could not be formed into dialogues or written documents. I hope the senior artists continue their work outside of Kennedy and that the underclassmen continue to progress in the art program. I also hope that audiences continue to see the value of art and maintain their appreciation of it.  Myself and many others are eagerly anticipating next year’s Kennedy Art Show.


A view of the art displayed during the 2016 Spring Art Show


Pencil art displayed at the 2016 Spring Art Show



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