Kennedy Partners with ADAPP for Enhanced Guidance Progams

On September 12, Kennedy Catholic announced that a representative of the Archdiocese of New York Drug Abuse Prevention Program (ADAPP) would be present on the campus three days a week to serve the Kennedy community. ADAPP’s role at Kennedy will be to support the Guidance Department in the context of student-related issues and concerns.

ADAPP was created in 1972 to provide counseling and education to prevent and intervene in the use of alcohol and other drugs. ADAPP’s focus is on the children, adults and families within the schools, parishes and communities of the New York Archdiocese.

Since its founding over 40 years ago, ADAPP has expanded its charter beyond drug and alcohol abuse to include crisis intervention, suicide assessment, and bullying prevention. The organization accomplishes its goals through an innovative and holistic approach encompassing preemptive education, confidential counseling and the promotion of healthy, responsible lifestyles.


According the National Institute of Drug Abuse, the total costs of drug abuse and addiction due to use of tobacco, alcohol and illegal drugs are estimated at $524 billion a year. It is major public health problem that is linked to chronic diseases and it is a contributor to a variety of social problems, including traffic accidents, relationship violence and child abuse.

For the 2016/2017 academic year, ADAPP counselor Ms. Melissa Capozzi will be on campus Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. In her supportive role as an on-site counselor, Ms. Capozzi will meet with students, assess and address their needs, and implement several value-added ADAPP supportive programs into Kennedy Catholic classrooms and curriculums.

Fr. Vaillancourt, Principal of Kennedy Catholic, said, “Contemporary, informative, proactive and ultimately, preemptive initiatives will be presented in both Health and Physical Education classes. Ms. Capozzi will also be making presentations to the upperclassmen as they prepare to transition from high school to the collegiate experience.

“Both the Administration and the Guidance Department wholly embrace ADAPP’s presence on campus and we look forward to all the benefits to be realized by our students.”

Ms. Capozzi’s office will be located in the lower library. She can be reached by email  or by phone at (914) 232-5061 ext. 134.