Christmas Toy Drive: By Hannah Langley ’17

Christmas time is known as the season of giving, and in this spirit, several students at Kennedy have undertaken the job of organizing a toy drive for the children at Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital. For several years now, a group of students has been responsible for managing this toy drive, but the girls who usually ran it graduated last year. However, when students Aidan Dooley, Tom Young, Matt Vigna, Vin Conte, and Kyle Knox recognized the absence of the toy drive, they decided to take initiative and run it themselves.

Kennedy students pictured while dropping off their toys at the hospital. (Picture courtesy of Donna Dooley)

This toy drive is extremely important to the hospital, as it provides not only toys, but also happiness, to those being held there for the holidays. These children are there for various reasons, including cancer treatment and terrible illness. The Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital is an important part of the Westchester Medical Center, as well as the Westchester community, as it provides children in any family or financial situation with health care. The hospital was founded by the parents of Maria Fareri, a young girl who died of rabies because she was not provided with quality healthcare due to her young age. After losing their child, the parents made it their mission to improve the health and well-being of children all over the world. The Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital has done amazing work to help these sick, disabled children recuperate and heal.

Christmas time is especially important to the hospital, as these unfortunate children and their families will not be able to spend the holidays at home. The toys help cheer up the children and help them forget their current situation for a time, something irreplaceable for the struggling parents and families. The boys running the drive ask that students bring in unwrapped, new toys by Friday, December 16th, and place them in the boxes throughout the school. They also suggest donating money to the hospital if students don’t have time to buy toys before Friday, as this can help in numerous ways at the hospital. There are only a few days left to bring in these toys, so act quickly. Remember, what may seem like just buying one inexpensive toy to you is a priceless Christmas gift to a deserving child.