Giving Back: By Sophia Brennan ’17

Giving back is a Kennedy Catholic tradition; it is central to who we are and an essential aspect of the Kennedy experience. It is no surprise that charitable drives take place frequently throughout the school year and are strongly supported by the students. This past year alone many drives were held such as the blood drive, toy drive, Thanksgiving food drive, and the ongoing leukemia fundraiser. Currently, there is a Lenten food drive going on to support our local food pantries.

Participating in these drives gives students a very accessible opportunity to give back to our community. Most importantly, they give the Kennedy Catholic student body the opportunity to live their Catholic identity through allowing them to help those in need. The two cornerstones of the Kennedy Catholic philosophy are Courage and Compassion. Through giving alms and developing empathy for the needy, they strengthen their compassion and by having courage to acknowledge that there are problems facing our society, we can take steps to help ourselves and then help others. Through the courage and compassion that the students of Kennedy develop during their time at Kennedy Catholic, they become Christian leaders that make a difference in the lives of our classmates, teachers, and community.