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Student Parking and Vehicle Registration

Parking at Kennedy Catholic Preparatory School is a privilege extended to Seniors and Juniors, when space is available.  This privilege may be withdrawn at any time for academic or disciplinary reasons.  Each school year permits will be sold to rising Seniors through June.  Starting July 1, parking permits will be available to Juniors and those remaining Seniors on a first come, first served basis.

If the student does not have a license, but has a driving permit, and expects to be getting their license during the school year, it is suggested that a permit is purchased within the dates above.  Unfortunately we do not have enough parking spaces to accommodate every student with a car, and therefore permits sell out quickly.  The fee of $125 must be submitted along with the completed student parking registration application for consideration for a permit.

No permit will be issued to any student with unpaid tuition or fees.

Driving and Parking Information

The speed limit on campus is 15mph, as stated in the handbook.  The following is not permitted: reckless driving (i.e. “peeling out”, speeding, erratic driving, etc); driving with individuals hanging out of windows or riding on the car exterior; parking in prohibited areas; smoking in the car before, during or after school; leaving the campus or going to the lot before dismissal time.  A Driver who is late for school five (5) times will receive a detention and lose his/her parking privileges.

Students will have their parking privileges suspended or revoked if they are found in violation of the above regulations or any traffic safety laws.  In addition, repeated inappropriate behavior in the School Building, School Parking Lot or at School Functions will result in suspension or revocation of parking permit.  Again, the fee will not be refunded.

Parking Spaces

All vehicles must be properly insured, inspected and registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles and with the Kennedy Catholic Transportation Office.  The school parking permit sticker MUST be permanently displayed on the REAR window of the vehicle.  THERE ARE NO ASSIGNED PARKING SPACES.  Instead there is a STUDENT PARKING AREA.  Students may only park in spaces 001 to 150. Any student found parking in the Faculty Parking Area, Fire Zone or anywhere other than the Student Parking Area is subject to fines and/or loss of parking privileges.

Fines will be imposed on those vehicles parked without a parking permit or if parked in a space other than those designated.  Fines will start at $15 for first offenders.  The same penalties will apply for unpaid parking fines as for other unpaid financial obligations.

Fees & Registration Form

Parking Permit Registration Fee: $125 non-refundable

Payment must be made in full at time of application with checks payable to Kennedy Catholic Preparatory School (noting “Student Parking” on the Memo line).

A completed Student Parking Registration Form is required.