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National Honor Society Application

Dear Applicant,

The four pillars of the National Honor Society are Scholarship, Service, Character, and Leadership. You are receiving this application because you have already demonstrated your excellence in SCHOLARSHIP through your academic performance during your time at Kennedy Catholic. The subsequent three requirements for membership are outlined below:


    As an institution founded in the mission of Christ's Commandment of Love, Kennedy Catholic encourages all students to engage in works of service inside and outside of our school. As a member of the St. Mary's Chapter of the National Honor Society, you will devote time every week to strengthening our school community through peer-tutoring. Works of service enrich both the service giver and the recipient.


    National Honor Society members set the tone for the rest of the student body. Members are required to act as role models, giving younger students a goal to work toward. You will represent not only our school, but the legacy of our National Honor Society chapter. Individuals with character take accountability for their actions and learn from and grow with their experiences. They are humble, respectful, and disciplined.


    National Honor Society members undertake a leadership role in our school community. They provide academic help to their peers and are invested in our school community through extra curricular activities such as athletics, clubs, and school events. Leaders are individuals who take initiative, inspire others to participate, and are creative enough to compromise. They are determined, flexible, and compassionate.

Please submit this form by 3:00 PM on Tuesday, September 14, 2021. Late applications will NOT be considered with NO EXCEPTIONS.

We are no longer accepting applications for the National Honor Society. Thank you for your interest.